Laya Firestone Seghi

Born and raised in Missouri, I began my professional education in clinical social work, followed by years of study in Jungian analytic methods. My post-graduate education has since expanded to include the latest research in systems of therapeutic change. With extensive background and experience in a full range of therapeutic modalities, I utilize a holistic approach that addresses the mind-body-spirit connection. I have found this to be the most efficient way to facilitate lasting results.

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  • Washington University (B.A, History; MSW, Social Work)
  • Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts
  • Advanced Hypnosis and EMDR training
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner; Parama College
  • Basic & Advanced PSYCH-K Training
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • NeuroEmotional Technique Training

  • Private Practice with Individuals, Couples and Groups
  • Social Work Consultant & Supervisor – Miami-Dade AHEC, Inc. (Area Health Education Center)
  • Jewish Family Services of Miami Beach – District Office Director
  • Hillel Foundation; St. Louis, MO – Director of Student Activities

  • Laya has done for me what no previous Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Healer or Pharmacologist could ever accomplish in my years of seeking treatment for PTSD. Prior to seeing Laya I had been taking benzodiazepines everyday for 5 years. After less than 6 months of therapy I do not need them at all. Her kindness, her integrity and her direct approach to healing core issues are nothing short of miraculous and every session surprises me and ultimately makes me a better, a stronger and a more enlightened human being. She has exceeded all of my expectations in every way and I am so grateful to have found her. – Sharon L, Hollywood

  • Laya has given me the bravery to say no to the things I disagree with without crumbling, withdrawing and feeling hopeless. Because of Laya I can stand firm in my opinions (right or wrong) without giving into old patterns of fear. After just 1 and 1/2 sessions with her I feel as though she traded my fears for clarity. She freed me from a bondage I didn’t even know I was in. Because of her sessions I have been able to confront my fears. What she does truly is amazing.–Laura O, Hollywood

  • Laya’s work with me has been nothing short of profound. Her therapeutic cognitive skills married with her skill in various energetic modalities help to bring mental clarity and understanding while moving the energetic holding patterns often locked within the body. I find Laya professional, kind and compassionate, with excellent boundaries and impeccable integrity.

    I am always impressed with how quickly and clearly she can help me move through the issues I come in with to core, without getting stuck in the story. I have often experienced Laya as the Point of Stillness in the storm. Compassionate, neutral and nonjudgmental, she becomes the fulcrum around which even my most chaotic and confusing emotions and patterns can unwind.

    –Dava M., Miami