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BodyIntuitive and Covid-19

As 2019 was drawing to a close, I registered for a yearlong Master Level Practitioner Program in the BodyIntuitive system of mind-body medicine. The program was scheduled to begin on March 20, 20020. At the time, I had no idea about the pandemic that was about to unfold in the following few months.

By the time March 2020 came around, the Covid-19 virus was already making itself known as a grim reaper. The founders and training instructors for the program, Janet Galipo, DOM and Laura Stuve, Ph.D., wisely reprioritized the program curriculum so that the immune system would be the very first subject to be studied in depth. The alarming spread of the virus and the accumulating death toll made the immune system the logical starting point for our focus on strategies for prevention and treatment of the disease.

To understand and treat the reported Covid-19 impacts of the disease, the East/West approach offers a valuable perspective.

According to the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, the superior physician treats disease when it has not yet structurally manifested and prevents being in the position of having to treat disorders that have already progressed to the realm of the physical. The low-level physician finds himself salvaging what has already manifested in physical form and treating what is already ruined.

The beauty of the holistic medicine I practice is that takes into account the effect of your mind (your stresses, emotions and mindsets) on the physical health of the body. Using BodyIntuitive and other modalities such as NeuroEmotional Technique based on the integration of Eastern (Classical Chinese Medicine) and Western (21st Century Science) medicine, my telehealth sessions address the WHOLE person. This powerful integration leverages thousands of years of wisdom of Chinese medicine with the latest scientific knowledge from Western science.

In response to the Covid19 pandemic, I am now working with a team of Master Level practitioners on a Covid19 Community Project that has just been launched. This research study will evaluate the effect of BodyIntuitive on Covid-19 symptoms and disease course, and susceptibility to contracting COVID-19. These anti-viral treatments are brief, designed specifically for those contending with Covid-19 symptoms or exposed on the frontlines. For eligibility requirements and further information, go to:

For everyone else, now is an excellent time to schedule a telehealth session to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and develop the resilience needed to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. I look forward to working with you.

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