Beyond Talk Therapy

Get Your Brain Together!

A former client phoned to tell me a story she thought I would find amusing.  Since working with me years ago, she sought consultation with a psychiatrist.  He referred her to another psychotherapist.  At the first session with the new psychotherapist, she was assigned homework to complete before the next session.  Imagine what that homework was:  to watch the self-soothing videos by Laya Seghi at!  Yes, I found that amusing indeed (especially since I didn’t even know the therapist)!

My client noted, however, that her therapist suggested one amendment to my Cortices video.  Since I created my Cortices video a couple of years ago, the version I demonstrated has since been modified and the therapist told her to add the extra feature.  BAM!  That was my cue –  so here you go with my Updated version of the Cortices technique from the BodyTalk System.

BodyTalk is an energy-based healthcare system that can be used on its own or to complement other forms of healthcare.  It is based on this idea:  “Your body was born to self heal.  It just needs to remember how.”  When all the parts and systems of the body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally.  However stress interferes and can cause communication breakdowns, resulting in discomfort and disease.

All the functions of the body are monitored by the brain, so it makes sense that a balanced brain will help the whole body-mind work more efficiently.  Nerve cells (neurons) circulate throughout the body – concentrated in the head, the heart and the gut;  the Cortices techniques synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain and helps optimize the neurons in the heart brain and gut brain as well.  When the three brains are working together, the whole nervous system can relax and healing can begin.

Cortices is the most fundamental technique of BodyTalk.  The updated version of Cortices adds tapping on the gut to address the microbiome.  More and more we are learning the instrumental role that the microbiome plays in our total well-being.  Cortices is to the whole brain like a reboot is to your computer – it resets your body-mind.  When you are fatigued, overwhelmed, stressed emotionally or physically, use this (updated) technique for yourself, your child or whoever is open to feel better.  It works!

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