How does it work?

Safe and Effective Powerful Healing is available NOW:

Here we are – in the time of Coronavirus. No one is immune. For once, there is no discrimination – whether by economic status, nationality, religion, race, or color. We are ALL affected. Hunkered down in our homes, working while adapting to keeping distance and personal protection, or actively fighting the infection, we all need support for our immune resilience.

Now is the time for the powerful healing of safe and effective distance treatments. Although many people – family, friends, and clients – have been skeptical and doubted that distance treatments can actually work, I have been providing energy-based treatment to people open to it for more than ten years and have seen the results.

Given our Western healthcare paradigm, it’s understandable that doubt is one’s first reaction. In the past, some people have (laughingly) referred to what I do as ‘witchcraft,’ ‘voodoo,’ or pure ‘magic.’ Since how I work is based on a combination of Western and Eastern approaches to mind-body medicine, I want to offer a scientific perspective. For this, I am grateful to the work of two of my mentors – Laura Stuve, a Ph.D. scientist and Janet Galipo, A.P., both developers of BodyIntuitive and Senior Instructors of the BodyTalk System.

The mind-body angle:

In mind-body medicine, we honor the impact of our beliefs, mindsets, stresses, and emotions on our physical health. Mountains of research support this connection. We know from the latest science that stress and emotional dysregulation have a direct impact on   our immune function.

Chronically stressed? Fearful? Anxious? Feeling threatened by the financial and work uncertainty?

  • Your immune system responds with depletion and underperformance.

Feeling alone, isolated, and bored in this lockdown era?

  • A sense of alienation and lack of connection has been shown to be the worst type of insult for the immune system – triggering reprogramming of the genes in the immune cells to both increase inflammation and debilitate the ability to fight off an infection.

BUT, when we talk to a counselor, a friend, a mentor and get a new perspective, shift our view, and feel a ray of optimism that becomes contagious – that transformation trickles down to our cells! The simple act of connection with someone by any medium can shift us from a fight/flight/freeze stress response to a productive stress response (challenge vs. threat!) that will restore our immune function.

Regulating the nervous system has an immediate impact on the nervous and endocrine systems. Mindset Intervention research studies (thank you, Kelly McGonigal!) have shown this is a FAST and lasting response that occurs within 10-15 minutes of a simple reframing intervention. The autonomic nervous system (think automatic functions here…like digestion, heart rate, breathing) has two modes, a gas pedal and a brake. Like your car, you can’t use both modes at the same time. The sympathetic nervous system is the STRESS mode. The parasympathetic system is the REST/DIGEST/HEAL mode. Simply put, when you are stressed, healing is not happening!

Published research data demonstrating effectiveness of distance sessions:

Check out the peer-reviewed published research study on distance BodyTalk treatments for chronic pain that Janet Galipo and Laura Stuve did in the Journal of Pain Management. They got a statistically significant reduction of pain intensity in long term chronic pain sufferers AND improvement in the associated emotional issues of anxiety and depression many patients face.  If you want even more data, they reference other publications in the discussion section on distance healing.

The Quantum Perspective:

As a practitioner of energy medicine, I am trained to observe and focus on the priorities within the mind and body. Initially, I did this in person with muscle testing on clients. With extensive practice, however, I and other energy medicine practitioners developed our ability to get the intuitive information and focus on the client’s priorities beyond space and time. Accessing the blueprint of the individual in a more optimal state of health allows us to see an alternative, more harmonious and balanced quantum probability for their energy system. That blueprint can be accessed from anywhere. The observer effect in quantum physics doesn’t require proximity for observation.

Some things are just empirical:

Although it took me a long time to trust that distance healing actually works, my personal experiences and the accumulation of reports from family, friends, and clients have been too convincing for me to doubt or deny it any longer. I have witnessed results at all levels – physical relief from pain, emotional mood shifts, mental reframes, and even spiritual breakthroughs. The evidence is in! Given our current mandate to maintain physical distance, if you’ve doubted the possibility of results before, NOW is the time to give distance treatment a try and see for yourself.

  • Laya’s work is, in a word, astonishing. Quite honestly it is beyond me what exactly she does or how a remote session works.
    What I do know is that the symptoms I had for close to four months —hip pain and tingling/numbness in my foot— were diminished by about 80% within 2-3 days after Laya worked on me. Laya is warm, accessible, and devoted to the in-depth healing of her patients. I feel very fortunate to work with her.–TF, Colorado

  • After 2 weeks of back pain that made taking care of my infant very difficult, I called Laya for a BodyTalk session. I live in New Jersey…Laya emailed me the details of the session afterward and I was amazed to feel immediate pain relief upon reading the information! My back pain dropped about 60-75% after one long-distance session and continued to diminish each day thereafter. 3 days later my pain was 99% gone. It is such a relief to be able to function normally and move without pain again.  – Yael R

  • Laya helped ground me so I could start to heal as i moved through the uncertainty of the grieving process. She introduced me to healing modalities that had me get in tune with my body. Will also appreciate her role at a very turbulent time in my life.–Meg Nocero