meetLaya_boxGetting to Know Me  Before beginning treatment, I ask clients for a lot of information.  It seems only fair that I also share information with you about myself.  

Personal Life  Born and raised in Missouri (the “Show Me” state and my own state of mind!), I graduated with a BA and MSW from Washington University in St. Louis in 1981.  I have been practicing psychotherapy ever since – over 40 years already.

My husband, the artist Tom Seghi, and I had a 44 year relationship before he died suddenly in 2011, leaving me with three beautiful children, six grandchildren and a heart full of fond memories.  To maintain my physical and mental health, I eat a mostly plant-based diet, do yoga regularly, and practice mindfulness meditation in the Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Why I Became a Psychotherapist  The pain I witnessed in my family of origin opened my eyes to the suffering around me.  Seeking a way to find inner peace and to relieve the suffering of others, I chose to devote my life to the healing arts.  I’m grateful for my choice because it allowed me to experience more joy than I  imagined possible.  It also gave me the opportunity to help others transform their lives as well.

My Beliefs Regardless of our history or circumstances, I believe that each of us is capable of achieving happiness. In my experience, the key to successful therapy is holistic, encompassing all aspects of a person – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Ultimately, the holistic approach honors the innate wisdom within each of us.

Treatment Philosophy By gently removing blocks and looking deeply at one’s experience, I believe suffering can be transformed.  My purpose in treatment is to help people connect with the best in themselves, to get in touch with their true nature. I aim to inspire confidence, joy, and hope to facilitate the personal change necessary to achieve happiness.

Methods of Treatment  My educational training is extensive.  I have trained in both traditional and more cutting edge treatment methods. Some have been amply researched while others are still in preliminary phases. My scope includes the latest 21st century scientific findings on health as well as the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine. Over the years, I have found traditional therapy alone to be slower and, at times, to reinforce problems rather than help achieve desired solutions.  Accordingly, my mind-body approach goes beyond talk therapy.  Every session is designed to find the most appropriate and effective treatment for each individual client.

Telehealth – Virtual – Distance Treatments  Since March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, I closed my office permanently.  Currently I offer virtual sessions, using an online platform.  Some clients prefer telephone alone.  In certain cases, I offer distance or remote sessions which I do without the client present.  I report on the session afterwards by email or audio recording. 

My Personal Promise to Clients Using the full range of my skills and training, I promise to do my best to help you achieve the personal change you desire.  My commitment is to stay informed of the latest developments in my field.  Equally important, I promise to continue my own personal practice of self inquiry.  Towards that end, I welcome your feedback to help me recognize my blind spots.  My goal is to serve you with integrity and to make our therapeutic relationship as authentic, creative, and beneficial for you as possible.