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NEW PODCAST: The Mind-Body Connection

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What is the mind-body connection and why is it so important to understand? In this podcast with Meryl Brandwein, the Rebel Nutritionist and founder of the Brandwein Institute of Nutrition and Wellness, I share how a holistic approach to wellness identifies emotions, beliefs, and stories that impact our physical health.

Meryl’s specialty is nutrition. What I love about her approach is that she looks beyond diets to see the WHOLE picture – that’s where the mind-body connection comes in to help each client make desired changes.

  • In this episode:
  • I explain why you don’t always know what is held in your body that is affecting your health, and why ‘talk’ therapy isn’t always enough (3:16)
  • We discuss the importance of the mind-body connection and the stories we hold in our bodies (5:18)
  • We look at how our emotions and behaviors can impact our physical health (9:00)
  • We explain why a holistic approach is so important (13:08)
  • I discuss epigenetics – how our behaviour and environment can affect the function of our genes (16:01)
  • I lay out three primary emotional ‘operating systems’ that affect our body (19:19)
  • I give some practical tips to help the mind tell the body to calm down (26:52)
  • We look at the importance of visualization in helping the body to heal (24:03)

To download a transcript of this episode, click here.

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