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Pandemic Stress: You Get to Choose Your Stress Response

We are still challenged! Uncertainty reigns! How you respond matters a lot! Not just for your mood and attitude, but for your physical health.

As always, my goal is to help you balance your nervous system with self-soothing. When you can reduce your automatic sympathetic nervous system reactions (Fight/flight/freeze/faint), you’re on your way to better health.

The SWITCHING Technique is another video tool to help you reset your nervous system from the sympathetic to parasympathetic mode. Then you can choose an alternate stress response.

Consider these three stress/threat responses. Which one is your “go-to” Emotional Operating System?

  1. FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE OR FAINT Response – Perceived danger is your primary concern. Your FEAR produces increased anxiety, irritability, and anger, or you freeze with an emotional shutdown.
  2. CHALLENGE Response – The new situation stimulates SEEKING new ideas and behaviors. Under pressure, you become engaged, motivated, and energized for heightened performance.
  3. TEND & BEFRIEND Response – You respond with CARE, making sure your loved ones are safe. You connect and cooperate with others, generously providing emotional support.

Depending on your emotional response, your body will relay different messages through different communicators or “molecules of emotion.” Your endocrine system produces hormones, your nervous system sends neurotransmitters, and your immune system makes cytokines/chemokines. 


When in a chronic state of fight/flight, immune systems amp up to produce inflammation which has multiple adverse effects on our health. But we can get our nervous system to toggle between stress and relaxation. Self-soothing tools can help a lot, or if needed, effective therapy can balance the nervous system. Then we can choose a different response to stress – Challenge or Tend & Befriend. With the right mindset, stress can actually result in a positive health boost and longevity.

The Fight/Flight/Faint/Freeze stress hormones produce some of these common symptoms:
Anxiety • Depression • Irritability •  Panic Attacks • Fatigue • Insomnia • Brain fog • Lack of focus • Memory Problems • Digestive Issues • PMS

If you are suffering from any of those, consider getting VIRTUAL SESSIONS!

DISTANCE SESSIONS – REMOTE SESSIONS are all different names for the TELEHEALTH sessions I provide. Whether by phone or video, you can find significant relief from these symptoms and others.

Book a session so that you can get Relief! Let me help balance your hormones, neurotransmitters and cytokines. Call or text: 786.457.0505


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