(with NeuroEmotional Technique-NET)


After 2 weeks of back pain that made taking care of my infant very difficult, I called Laya for a BodyTalk session. I live in New Jersey…Laya emailed me the details of the session afterwards and I was amazed to feel immediate pain relief upon reading the information! My back pain dropped about 60-75% after one long-distance session, and continued to diminish each day thereafter. 3 days later my pain was 99% gone. It is such a relief to be able to function normally and move without pain again.  – Yael R


I am so grateful that I found Laya – without her assistance and guidance, I cannot even begin to think about where my health would be today. Come with an open mind and an open heart, as sessions with Laya are not “the norm” … they are meaningful and spiritual, and have definitely changed my life for the better. – Catherine Roselli, Attorney

I was referred to Laya by a friend who listened to me complain about my 12-year relationship and how I was making zero progress with other therapists. Once I switched to Laya, in only three sessions I got very clear that I needed to get out of that relationship (which was toxic to both of us). After 5 years of resistance I was finally able to separate, with love, and start a new chapter in my life. -Kendall S.


With the help of Laya’s clarity, guidance and energy psychology methods, I overcame a life-long pattern of sabotaging myself in the career I wanted.  After each session, I felt better and stronger, as if an invisible veil had been lifted from me.  I now work at a company I want to work for, doing the job that fits me perfectly. – Janet A., Mental Health Counselor


Thank you, Laya, for being such a supportive part of my journey. You held the space listening to my needs, asked thought-provoking questions and reflected back to me what I had been unaware I was saying. You helped me make significant shifts in the subconscious beliefs stored in my body. I really appreciate all that you are and do to help me on my path. – Liza P.


I firmly believe it was your work with me, through BodyTalk, that unleashed my original passion: singing. I like to think of myself as a walking, singing, breathing testimonial. – Angela Fischetti, Singer


Various complaints of acid reflux and allergies with related concerns (restless sleep, dietary restrictions, side effects of medication) were resolved with BodyTalk sessions.


To his surprise, a patient’s suicidal ideation disappeared after his first BodyTalk session. With subsequent sessions, he became more tolerant of himself and others.


A woman suffering from insomnia for about ten years skeptically requested a BodyTalk session. She had not slept more than 3 or 4 hours a night for many years. After one session, she slept for 7 hours. After several subsequent sessions, addressing a variety of emotional factors, a normal sleeping pattern was resumed.


My poor sleep affected my mood, my athletic performance and my relationship. Therapy with Laya helped me relax and shift out of a negative state. Now I sleep 7 hours, my relationship is wonderful and I’m energized again. I didn’t believe it was possible. It feels like a miracle! – Lucille Kyvallos,  National Ranked Senior Tennis Player, Coach of Women’s Basketball of USA Team to the World University Games.


After suffering for at least two years of allergies and rashes in the area around my eyes and in the past year of rashes throughout my body. I am so happy to be free of such “skin-obnoxious-rashes”, I have been clear since  visiting you for BODY TALK almost  three months ago.


Before I met Laya, I had a fear of taking an MRI and  I had to do three of them. Thanks to Laya I was able to get through all three peacefully. Additionally I am grateful to Laya for helping me resolve other issues and obstacles in my life. – Lynn R.


My performance anxiety used to be so bad that I would throw up before my auditions and castings and had to take medications.  The anxiety was interfering with my acting career.  After seeing Laya for only two sessions, there has been a HUGE shift.  Since my sessions, I no longer throw up or need medication and am excited about going forward with my acting career. – Jen G., Actress


I am so thankful to have found Laya. Working with her has had a huge impact on my life. Her sessions are beyond intelligent and intuitive. She is warm, graceful, and gets right to the heart of the issue. We did telehealth sessions and in honesty, it did not make a bit of difference in the effects of the work. I feel transformed and can only trace it back to the work Laya and I did together. Most remarkably, I never felt confused or disoriented at all, but rather felt fully guided by her heart and skill. She is incredibly rounded, merging her credentials in mental health with somatic modalities, allowing for a holistic mind-body approach (our bodies hold so much of what we accumulate throughout life). Each session felt just as it was meant to be. Thank you Laya🙏🏻
-Melanie L.



“Laya is a one-of-a-kind therapist.

As a practicing physician, I was initially skeptical about Laya’s methodologies. I remember thinking: “You mean, you can access my deeply held beliefs using my body? And you can release my emotional blockages without dozens of hours of talk therapy?”

Suffice to say I was blown away by the impact her therapy had in my life. I worked with Laya weekly for a total of about one year. Without question, my life has improved. I have lasting relief from anxiety and fears that have long plagued me daily: fear of the immense responsibility of being a physician, social anxiety, perfectionism, and fear of judgment, among many other areas of insecurity.

I know that her therapy works. I don’t need a randomized controlled trial to know this. I know it because I experienced it and I do not believe this is a placebo. On many occasions I found myself finishing a session with Laya only to find myself performing 24 hours later the very way I was previously fearful of prior to the session.

She’s been a therapist for over 35 years and she knows what she’s doing. She has it all and she can use any number of techniques to address your struggles. I trust her and I highly recommend her to anyone.” – Michael K., M.D.


“Laya has done for me what no previous Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Healer or Pharmacologist could ever accomplish in my years of seeking treatment for PTSD. Prior to seeing Laya I had been taking benzodiazepines everyday for 5 years. After less than 6 months of therapy I do not need them at all. Her kindness, her integrity and her direct approach to healing core issues are nothing short of miraculous and every session surprises me and ultimately makes me a better, a stronger and a more enlightened human being. She has exceeded all of my expectations in every way and I am so grateful to have found her.” – Sharon F.


I got so excited to learn how to communicate with my subconscious mind… this was the missing piece. All my will power, reading and affirmation, etc, brought marginal results. Your sessions with Psych-K balancing gave me a life transformation. I will be eternally grateful for your help.  I have an exciting new direction in my life now. – Herman, Physical Therapist


Surgery to remove a tumor near the sciatic nerve left Paula’s foot in pain for six years. It also left her small toe jutting out of place.  After two BodyTalk treatments, her toe was back in place and her pain was gone. “What a big difference!” she wrote gratefully.


“As a result of frequently working very long days at my computer, I had very bad lower back pain, as well as swollen feet and ankles. The problem was getting more and more severe with time. I did not tell Laya of this problem when I went to her for a BodyTalk treatment. I wanted to see what she would find to treat on her own. Her first treatment immediately targeted my problem and after the treatment was over, the problem was gone. And it has continued to stay gone! Every BodyTalk treatment I have received from Laya has gone right to the heart of the problem and has relieved or removed the problem quickly and easily.” – Amy T.

PROSTATE (Enlarged)

A client complained of having to urinate 3 or 4 times during the night as a result of an enlarged prostate. He found it difficult to get a night of restful sleep. After two BodyTalk sessions, he happily reported that he no longer woke up more than once per night.

WARTS (Molluscum)

An eleven month old baby had warts spreading on his face, near his eyes, since the age of 3 months. As his pediatrician could not eliminate the problem, he was referred to a top specialist in pediatric dermatology – a two month wait. Meanwhile, he had one BodyTalk treatment utilizing the Body Chemistry procedure. Within two days, the warts began to dry up and fall off. With a follow-up treatment, his condition returned to normal. His mother gladly cancelled his long awaited appointment with the specialist.


“After several years of dependence on prescription medication for sleep, a client did Psych-K balance to eliminate sleeping pills from her nighttime routine. After a few nights of sleeping without pills and realizing that a change in her subconscious beliefs altered her physical reactions, she claimed “I’m a believer!!”


“Dr. Laya Seghi is amazing. Her special bag of what I like to call “therapeutic magic” puts the days of years and years of therapy behind us all. With a combination of traditional talk therapy, Psych- K and NET Dr. Seghi creates healing with fast- forward speed. Thank you Dr. Seghi for helping me live MY life.” – Teana T.


After regularly seeing Laya Seghi I can honestly say I am able to breathe comfortably again. I had extreme difficulty after experiencing pain of multiple miscarriages and battling infertility amongst a challenging work-life schedule. I truly did not know where to turn. What once had been trying to manage how to pass the day without breaking down, became living my day with a peaceful frame of mind. Laya Seghi taught me how to take in the beauty within myself and this world. All too often I had forgotten to take the time to focus on our spiritual and physical connections, but Laya Seghi knew how to channel the mind body and the soul through her healing methods. She knows when to do which therapeutic method and caters to her client’s needs. I can say with fruition that prior to my sessions I felt like I had so much pain however after my sessions I felt an immense amount of relief. I owe my mental health to her and can confidently say I do not know where I would be without her professionalism, kindness, patience, knowledge, and innovation. Thank you Laya for changing my life for the better, I owe so very much to you and will forever be grateful for the life long tools you have instilled within me. -M.L.



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