talk74smTherapy fees range between $125 and $250 depending on the length of the session (between 25 and 50 minutes).  Phone consultations and remote/surrogated sessions are available.

After a free phone consultation to determine your needs and the most suitable treatment options for you, we can schedule an appointment. Payment can be made in person by check or cash.  Credit cards are accepted  PRIOR to the appointment on PAYPAL.

I do not participate in insurance networks. As a courtesy, however, I will assist in filling out claim forms if you are eligible for insurance benefits. Clients are responsible for submitting forms and following up with their own companies.

  • My family has been going to Laya Seghi for years and she’s done wonders. Recently, I had a foot fracture and she offered to treat me with a new system that follows a very comprehensive protocol to address your body’s need for balancing, in a sequence that takes priority for treating into consideration. We had a couple of sessions (one of them remotely, over the phone), and the swelling and pain in my foot went away completely. I am healing faster, pain–free, no more swelling, and my Orthopedic doctor said I will soon be on my foot again. – Ivanara Moura

  • Laya Seghi is a holistic psychotherapist with extraordinary qualities for healing. She has a unique combination of knowledge, wisdom and experience that allows her clients to tap into their core issues and heal their deepest wounds and pains in a way that makes it seem easy and flawless. I have benefitted from Laya’s experience as a colleague, as a client and as a student, and I am deeply grateful for her generosity with hers teachings, guidance and work in my own healing process. Laya has an array of tools and tricks that she uses to tailor the treatment specifically for each person and she does it with so much humility and care.–Edith Shiro

  • I came to Laya Seghi having done all the unearthing work I could do on some old wounds. I knew what they were and where they came from. There was nothing left to say with my voice and mind. My body needed the support and knowledge to move these wounds and process them through my system. Laya’s body of knowledge and loving supportive presence was perfect for my needs.–Coley Campany

You may pay for individual sessions in advance, here:

Half Session
25 minute session
$ 125

Full Session
50 minute session
$ 250


Extended Session
75 minute session
$ 350


Group Rate

Group Rate $ 50

Cancellation and No-Show Policy: 

At least 24 hours notice is required for appointment cancellations or your full fee will be charged.