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Take Time to Tune In

For so many reasons, stopping for a few minutes– without an agenda – can open an inner spaciousness that you didn’t realize you crave.

“Meditation” can seem to be a daunting challenge.  The mind is usually so busy, it’s hard to find the pause button.  Bringing the mind and body together by focusing on one’s breath is the easiest way to begin to quiet the mind.

Giving attention to the tension held in your body make it possible to release tension.  Attention ...

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Welcome Autumn

Dear Friends, Clients, and Serenity Seekers,

As we start a new season – Welcome Autumn! – new behaviors become possible.

What better time than NOW to begin or deepen the simple practice of meditation?

The benefits of meditation are many.
Even a few minutes a day can help:

  • improve sleep
  • relieve stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase compassion
  • shift attitude
  • and more…

Because I love to share information of value, I’m passing along this detailed guide on How to Meditate recently published by the New York Times.  Use it to ...

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