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Get Your Brain Together!

A former client phoned to tell me a story she thought I would find amusing.  Since working with me years ago, she sought consultation with a psychiatrist.  He referred her to another psychotherapist.  At the first session with the new psychotherapist, she was assigned homework to complete before the next session.  Imagine what that homework was:  to watch the self-soothing videos by Laya Seghi at!  Yes, I found that amusing indeed (especially since I didn’t even know the ...

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Can you Tap Away Your Stress?

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”  This is the “discovery statement” of the tapping treatment known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, also offered as the “Tapping Solution.”  Widely disseminated by Gary Craig on his website, EFT is another energy-based treatment for reducing stress.

EFT is amazingly simple and easy to learn, yet the results can be phenomenal.   If you haven’t tried it yet, take a few minutes, watch the video and ...

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Understanding Energy Work and the Mind-Body Connection

Why does psychotherapy combined with energy work result in therapeutic change more efficiently and effectively than traditional talk therapy?

In this radio interview, I share my experience as a holistic psychotherapist.  With a variety of energy psychology modalities, I can access unresolved emotions that are stored in the body.  Simply put, it’s hard to talk about what’s inaccessible to our conscious mind.  With energy work, we can quickly identify where emotion is stuck in the energy system and release the associated ...

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Welcome Autumn

Dear Friends, Clients, and Serenity Seekers,

As we start a new season – Welcome Autumn! – new behaviors become possible.

What better time than NOW to begin or deepen the simple practice of meditation?

The benefits of meditation are many.
Even a few minutes a day can help:

  • improve sleep
  • relieve stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase compassion
  • shift attitude
  • and more…

Because I love to share information of value, I’m passing along this detailed guide on How to Meditate recently published by the New York Times.  Use it to ...

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