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Getting Unstuck

Safely release the stress that holds you back from living your life fully. Your body remembers the unresolved issues that your mind forgets. Through muscle testing, those old emotional & physiological responses can be identified and gently transformed.

Improve health and wellbeing. A healthy body for a healthy mind!

Meet Laya Seghi

A licensed psychotherapist, Laya has over 30 years of experience treating anxiety, depression and trauma. Through deep listening and a range of treatments to relieve stress, she empowers clients to access the answers that lie within. She considers her profession to be a joy and a privilege.

Work With Laya

Using a holistic mind-body approach, Laya helps clients balance their nervous system and achieve harmony between the conscious and unconscious minds. Whether using the newer methods of energy medicine or more traditional insight oriented treatment, her clients achieve their personal goals as quickly as possible.

  • “I was fascinated by the fact that in less than 15 minutes Laya was able to pinpoint the exact age that my limiting belief was imprinted into my subconscious. By using her amazing energy medicine techniques she was able to shift me out of a place of pain that I have been holding onto for decades.”–Natalie Jones

  • “My performance anxiety used to be so bad that I would throw up before my auditions and castings and had to take medications.  The anxiety was interfering with my acting career.  After seeing Laya for only two sessions, there has been a HUGE shift.  Since my sessions, I no longer throw up or need medication and am excited about going forward with my acting career.”–Jen G., Actress

  • “Laya has done for me what no previous Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Healer or Pharmacologist could ever accomplish in my years of seeking treatment for PTSD. Prior to seeing Laya I had been taking benzodiazepines everyday for 5 years. After less than 6 months of therapy I do not need them at all. Her kindness, her integrity and her direct approach to healing core issues are nothing short of miraculous and every session surprises me and ultimately makes me a better, a stronger and a more enlightened human being. She has exceeded all of my expectations in every way and I am so grateful to have found her.”–Sharon L.

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