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Background and Dynamics of NET:

Latest Scientific Validation of NET: NET reduces Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress in Cancer Patients

drscott-videoInterview with Dr. Andrew Newberg by NET’s founder Dr. Scott Walker regarding the latest NET research study





Yin Yoga Lifestyle Interview with Laya Seghi
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Empire Radio Now Interview with Laya Seghi
Rick Delgado Professionals Roundtable Show

SoFloRadio Inverview with Laya Seghi, LCSW and Michelle Fein, Psy. D.

What is the mind-body connection and why is it so important to understand? In this podcast with Meryl Brandwein, the Rebel Nutritionist and founder of the Brandwein Institute of Nutrition and Wellness, I share how a holistic approach to wellness identifies emotions, beliefs, and stories that impact our physical health. Read more >>




Energy Medicine:

The Field

The Biology of Belief

Energy Medicine

Molecules of Emotion

The Intention Experiment

Vibrational Medicine

Biology of Transcendence


Energy Medicine

The Quantum Doctor

On Meditation, Mindfulness and the Path of the Heart:

True Refuge

Mindfulness For Beginners

The Miracle of Mindfulness

A Lamp in the Darkness

Don’t Just Do Something Sit There

Full Catastrophe Living

The Places That Scare You

On Trauma:

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program

8 Keys to Safe
Trauma Recovery

Getting Past Your

The Body Keeps the Score

New Brain Science:


The Brain That Changes Itself

Buddha’s Brain


Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

Upside of Stress